What I wore today 24 feb 2011

As much as I claim I can't be bothered with fashion and usually end up with the usual jeans and T, what I wear actually has a huge impact on my mood:
Yesterday, as all my tees were in the washer, I went for a shirt. The combination resulted in something very dull. And since it was a day for glasses, I looked way too secretarial for my wellbeing. 
Perhaps that's why I felt like skipping all the way home, to somehow counteract the adultness of it all - I may be all grown up but I'd be the last to call myself an adult!
I usually take a little skip getting off and on curbs but yesterday, I added a little extra bounce into it while wondering how many ballons it would take to lift me.


  1. Oh I agree, along with a good/bad hair day clothes really make the mood. I occasionally get passed on clothes from a friend and they are not what I would buy, so I get a new personality free with them sometimes!

    Lovely sketch :-)


  2. I love when that happens! free personality - that's just what it is! :D