hey, I put some new shoes on... what I wore today 29 mars 2011

Yup, got me some new shoes! But as comfortable as they are, it still buggs me that I have to get them two sizes too big to avoid disforming my feet. Now, I don't mind "fashionable" shoes being the shape of a banana, that's up to people and their personal taste, but when sneakers and running shoes are anything but comfortable and squish my toes into a singular mass, then that can't be right! 
My feet aren't naturally pointed but the shoes available on the market are slowly shaping them so. 
The pair I bought yesterday are wonderfully soft and comfy but they are not the size of my feet.
Below is a contour drawing of my foot, to the left, and the shoe to the right. The shapes do not fit.

BTW, I've had requests for writing more in Swedish, but I'm not sure there's room for that - I do tend to  go on and on... Next time I'm in a quiet mood, I'll do it in Swedish as well. ;)


  1. Lovely musings about shoes :D... I love comfortable shoes too, and it's NOT easy at all to find them!
    Beautiful drawing... as always!!!

  2. I have wide feet, and sometimes I buy a size larger so my toes will fit. Then I put sponge insoles in the shoes so they won't fall off!

  3. Du ser sur ut på målningen som för övrigt är riktigt bra!
    Roligt att du illustrerade dina fötter! :D

  4. One of my sisters had to have pins rammed into her toes to straighten them out and my mother has hammer-toes...both caused by women's shoes that didn't fit but were fashionable. I'll take shoes that fit!

  5. Annuk - thanks! My constant search for good shoes makes me seem obsessed, but I'm not ready to give up! ;)

    Belle - good idea! With sneakers, it doesn't really matter - loose is good - but I'll check out the sponges next time!

    C - mina fötter är mina älsklingar ;)

    EAJ - horror story! I'll think about that next time I see something pretty in the shop window. :o

  6. I pretty much only wear birkenstocks, which DO fit the shape of my feet (I have very wide feet). I don't get people who squash their feet into too-narrow, or pointy shoes. Ouch.

    I like the red-faced painting too.