Is it the winter blues?

I've not been putting up any updates on my painting lately, even though painting is what I "really do", and I'd love to be able to say it's because I keep forgetting to get the camera out before they're shipped away to a customer. But, sadly, it's because I haven't finished one painting since last october; perhaps it's the unusually long winter that's getting to me, perhaps it's this feeling that I'm stuck and getting nowhere. Or it could be all in my head and perhaps that in itself is the whole problem. 
Whatever the reason, I need to work through this episode because there's a spring gallery show coming up that needs one of my paintings in it! And if I manage to get through to a theme, I'm setting my sights on a solo show in August/September. Work, work, work!

Meanwhile, I'm definitely hitting my nostalgic streak on Etsy:

I made a ring. And I made it airy and blue and white, like a window open to the summer sky. The rough clay reminds me of the whitewashed cottages of the south of Sweden, but also of Gotland where I spent many of my student years, book in my lap and my back against ancient stone walls.


  1. I'm in LOVE with your new ring, Nancy!!!!!! It could even be one of those Greek-island windows I'm so in love with...
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, does it help to know that you are not alone in similar moments where you don't know exactly where you are headed and feel a little bit lost? I guess that's in artists' nature... very creative times, where you just can't stop creating and you have many projects at the same time, followed by very slow times... All the best with your one-woman show in the summer!

  2. Maybe it is the winter season? I always feel better in the spring and summer.
    Wonderful that you are having a solo showing. I know it will be great!

  3. Hmm, powerful? Now that you mention it, yes, I suppose it does... How odd! lol

    Annuk - the moment I read "windows" I knew exsctly what you meant - you yourself have made a few of those! :)

    Belle - So true. Never thought myself affected much by it but this winter has really been a long one. On the other hand, I knw I'll be just a sick and tired of the too hot summer when the time comes ;)