Three tomatoes oil painting

Hah! I just realised  I've inverted the colours from the previous painting - red on green instead of green on red/orange. I'll do something less saturated next time.
I hope you like; I've got to go now - cats calling for some attention!


  1. I like it very much! I received the print I ordered. I am so happy to have something of yours! It is just lovely.

  2. Very nice. I like the inverted colors from the previous. They should hang next to each other.

    I love the pointy-finger leaves of the tomatoes and once again the stretching shadows give the impression of a distant light.

    Love your brush strokes too.

  3. Belle - thank you so much! I'm glad everything got to you safely! :)

    Rubin - thanks! It'll need some tweeking before the final hanging but on the whole, I'm sorta happy with it!

  4. You're such a talented artist....thanks for stopping by my blog... :)

  5. I love your work! Wonderful! Very creative.