what I wore today 17 mars 2011

Do you ever get those days where you don't know what your mood is, so you end up in some sort of apathy? I had one of those today.
It wasn't that I was really down but I couldn't get excited about anything either, like, for example the fact that suddenly, today, spring has arrived. My mind tells me I should rejoice and put on my shades! But when it can't get the rest of me to agree, it gets grumpy and leaves me sitting on the fence (or a whitewashed wall, which is much more common around these parts) with so little will to do anything at all, I'm not even bored.
But still, it has been a productive day in the sense that I finished up a couple of projects and started some new ones and, perhaps, tomorrow I'll enjoy it.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my cats! Like for example, Lily:


  1. Oh yes I can certainly relate to those apathetic days, I loathe them. And they usually go hand in hand with procrastination..

    That is a wonderfully lit photo of Lily :-)

  2. procrastination ... now that's a words I don't want to hear right now! ;) Lily is very photogenic!

  3. Hi Nancy, I really do love your style. And that is an absolutely adorable cat! Do you have any advice for someone like me who is learning to use watercolors? I love how you use them.

  4. I have days like that all the time. Nice drawing. Cute cat.

    Glad to see the "What I wore today" sketches back.

    Hope your days are fruitful.

    That feeling makes me want to take a nap.

  5. The companionship of pets can sure lift the spirits.