Illustration Friday: "Bicycle"; じてんしゃ jitensha

One day when my sister and I were out biking (we were about 10-12 years old at the time), goofing around - not using the bike properly - my sister actually fell off and hit the ground hard
We laughed our heads off and continued on our way.
By the next day, her arm was still hurting and our parents started to think that perhaps this wasn't just her usual complaining, and that a quick checkup might not be a bad idea.
A few hours later, they returned from the hospital with the arm in bandages! Aparently she'd actually cracked a bone.
I felt a little guilty that no-one took her seriously, but on the other hand, neither did she.

She says her arm still feels odd sometimes.

Speaking of bikes, I do love the clutter of a mass of bikes parked outside the tube station in the morning, but I can't help but marvle at these storage towers:
And here's a very pretty music video named Jitensha/Bicycle:


  1. oh no your poor sister. thanks for sharing the story... still have a scar on my knee from falling off of my bike!
    i like the illustration,too! have a great weekend.

  2. Lovely illustration! Poor sister :)...
    Have a beautiful weekend and Easter, Nancy!

  3. I enjoyed that bicycle clip, but most of all - I love hearing Japanese! It sounds sooooo funny and cute! :D

    Ps. It was the joint to the shoulder and I still get these intense aches that lasts a couple of seconds every now and then....poor me....;D

  4. haha, yeah, we've all got our childhood war stories to tell!

    C - and they say aches like that only get worse with age...;)

  5. Blimey that tower's amazing! I wouldn't trust it to give me the right bike back ;-)

    I love your picture - and kids will be kids.


  6. Great drawing. I love how off balance it feels and the colors in the blouse.

    My parents never believed I was hurt either, because I have zero drama. I would calmly say things like "My ankle is broke." No whining. No whimpering. Just the facts, ma'am.

    I walked on my foot with torn ligaments for a whole day because my Mom wouldn't believe I had hurt myself.

    My sister on the other hand would put turn on the noise and waterworks over the slightest itch.

    A tale of two siblings. . .

  7. Heisann! This is what sisters do, sometimes ;:OD)