Illustration Friday: "Duet"; にじゅうしょう nijūshō

Valentino (top) and Bello are brothers and, growing up, they did everything together! 
It's not that they don't like eachother anymore but nowadays but they prefer their own space. Did that happen to you when you grew up? 'Cause it did to me; up until my teens, I had to touch everything - you know, the way babies (or kittens!) like to taste and bite and drool every little thing that comes their way. My sister became the victim of that obsession - I've told you before about her long hair - and I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason she cut it, was me. :o

Nowadays I only get the urge at museums with signs not to touch the sculptures - it makes me want to give them a hug. Which probably would look somewhat indecent, given that many of them don't wear even the bare necessities.

A rare sight these days:
Valentino (överst) och Bello är bröder och det fanns en tid då de inte kunde vara utan varandra - hittade man den ene, hittade man två. Men de växte upp till mogna gentlemän och numera är denna syn en raritet!


  1. What a marvelous, marvelous drawing! So much character in these two cats.

  2. Wonderful. The cat-stare is perfect. And thanks for showing us the models.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments! :)

  4. Wonderful rendering! I love the loose-style...you have really captured the essence of these cats.

  5. Maybe they are upset over a girl.

    I like the downward perspective on the brothers. Good drawing.

  6. This is a wonderful sketch. Anyone who knows cats will know how exquisitely you have captured the essence of them in this drawing.
    So well done!