Illustration Friday: "Lesson"

I used to like school; I did as I was told and I was good at what I did - I was never scolded by the teacher. 
Except for once, and I was completely innocent. That made me so angry I actually surprised myself and started to wonder if I really was such a good girl; if I hadn't been a good speller and understood mathematics, could I have been one of those pupils that sat in the back disturbing those in front?
In the end, I didn't bother trying that theory out because I knew, even then, that it wasn't the actual schoolwork I enjoyed but the free time to do other things, like reading storybooks or drawing, that finishing quickly allowed me.


  1. I simply love your drawing, & I can sooo relate to the subject as well ;)

  2. Kindred Spirit - thank you! hehe, school is a strange place ... but so is the world. ;)

    C - ville använda namn från folk jag faktiskt kände, men det tog ett tag att komma på dem - gammal? ;)

  3. I skipped the school work and went straight to the storybooks and drawing. :)

    Actually, if I wasn't occupying my hands with a drawing I found it very hard to pay attention. I would stare out the window and just start dreaming of giants peering over the crest of mountain ridges, playing peekaboo.

    I was smart, but a bad student.

  4. I can relate. I think maybe we even looked alike :) Nice drawing.

  5. I like the little details you choose to draw, such as the band-aid or the girl's feet around the chair legs :)

  6. Heisann!
    Intelligent tenkt!
    Noen av oss skjønte poenget, og fikk godt til begge deler ;:OD)