Raining cats and dogs! But not around here.

Inspired by Etsy For Animals' (EFA) monthly challenge for April, "Rainging Cats and Dogs", I made this, slightly foggy, drizzly rainy day:

and this, more tempestuous:
I can't decide which one I like better; what do you think?

The dog is actually a portrait of the neighbour's dog, who was hit by a car today and got away with only scratches and a lost claw! I was feeling a little shocked and wanted to do a little portrait of a sweet creature who really only wants to play with the cats. The cats, however, are very good at ignoring her.
Well, it's taken me past my bedtime to make this, so I'm off to sleep now - I've got four and a half hours before it's time to start another day. 
I think I'll take some siesta time out tomorrow.


  1. I like the first one, it's more dreamy and suits the weather. Very cute!

  2. The puss, the pooch and the parasol. Love it. I love your umbrellas. It was raining here this morning but it turned to slushy snow. Ahhh spring.

  3. Georgeous! I really like them both but i too prefer the first one for setting the atmoshere of a rainy day

  4. Good, it's my fave, too. That's the one I had in mind but I tried the automatic adjustment button (because you might get a pleasant surpise!) and then I got confused...;)

  5. It's gonna rain here in Boston and I will be thinking of, how did Rubin put it, "The puss, the pooch, and the parasols"! Lovely work. All of your work!

  6. Penelope - thank you! I saw some lovely, colourful umbrellas in the shops yesterday and even though our rain season is over, I may have to get one or two ;)