What I wore today and did yesterday

     The issue of introverts vs extroverts came up on FB the other day and today's outfit does in some way relate to that; although I do talk a lot (of nothing), thrive on city crowds (less so on the beach) and have been known to enjoy performing (especially if there's a part to play), I am not what anyone would call social
      As I grew out of my teens, I realised that if I ever wanted to get a job (even as a lone archivist in a museum cellar, which would've been an absolute dream!), I'd have to do something about that. 
So, to hone my social skills, I signed up to volunteer at summer festivals, working at the tourist information booth. 
And I turned out to absolutely love it, and ended up doing all sorts of cultural happenings. I had great fun.

    In the end, I'm still as asocial as before but I'm much better at turning on the small-talking-side of me when needed.

    Today's T-shirt was once the volunteer uniform at a local music festival. I haven't done that in a while now, not since moving to Spain, but I do miss it so perhaps I'll start looking for opportunities again some day.

                                                            Below, is what I did yesterday:
It's my entry for the local spring gallery and with 45 minutes till deadline, I managed, with the help of a fan and a heater, to dry it and get it there in time.


  1. Woohoo! congratulations, Nancy on finishing that painting just in the nick o' time. Always wonderful to hear from you- thank you so much for your kind words at my blog!! You rock! And by the way, your new avatar is gorgeous!! Just had a look at your portfolio and Yellow is beautifully done, as are many of your paintings. Have you done a cat series? It could be your gallery show somewhere! I always enjoy the lines in your work - such fluidity and effortlessness in them. Hae a great weekend coming up!

  2. oh yes I think a cellar archivist sounds good too, though I imagine after a while the attraction might pall.

    I'm not very good at small talk, prefer to just stand and listen to conversations!

    great sketch of yourself as always :-)