Ram Street, better known as Baggensgatan

This illustration is so local that I decided not to go Etsy with it but instead turn to my Swedish shop, Signerat
The idea is a play on words; Baggensgatan should translate as something like Ram Street and makes you wonder if perhaps this used to be an old playing ground for fine and dandy sheep to strut their stuff looking for some action. 
     But, as so often is the case, the real story behind the name is much more reasonalbe than that: it was named after an admiral by the name of Jacob Bagge. 
Bagge sounds like it could be a "military" name, like Dolk (Dagger), Hjälm (Helmet), Rask (Quick) etc. 
His wife's last name was Svinhufvud - Swinehead.

Baggensgatan är ju egentligen kallad så efter Jacob Bagge, vars hus - en present av Gustav Vasa - låg på just denna gata. Jag kan inte säga om han levde upp till sitt namn eller ej, men hans fru var Anna Svinhufvud (vad nu det har för betydelse;)


  1. Very interesting sketch. A ram on Ram Street!

  2. thank you, yes, well, these are the little things we do to keep ourselves entertained ;)

  3. So that Ram is looking for some Pork eh?

    I would find it completely surreal to see a ram strolling between the city heights.

    Cool idea. Nice Ram!

  4. eeek, is it just my filthy mind or did that sound ... well, odd? hehe.
    WEll, it is the old town, one single ram could be part of a museum or festival or something. An entire herd on the other hand..!