Valentino, put your heels on

Valentino is a big beautiful macho boy. 
But watch him trot daintily across the room and you realise he should be wearing a pearl necklace and a handbag.

Valentino må vara stor, stark och stilig men har du en gång sett honom trippa sin väg genom ett rum, inser du snart att han egentligen är en liten tant.


  1. sweet little cat feet, and I love the fishies on the bag. Well done :)

  2. thank you, it's not quite what I usually do, but I enjoyed it ;)

  3. Fantastic! I love the colors in this and the character of a macho boy carrying a handbag. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard.

    Nice details on the little mouse home. That is a great touch. I love the eyes on this drawing.

  4. Ha! Eddie Izzard - you're so right, now I'll always think of my Valentino when I see Eddie on telly ;)