A cat and a garden hose

A little sketch I tried out for a painting I planned to start today but didn't. Why didn't I? Because I've been busy all morning and now I'm off to learn German - yes, I'm starting yet another language. Let's hope I get past the beginner's stage before summer starts; with the amount of Germans living around here, I should be able to get some good practice in!


  1. Love the drawing. It is great to learn the language of those living around you! Have fun.

  2. Lovely sketch captures the wonderful inquisitiveness of the feline kind.

    Thanks for the feedback on my blog, As you like cats I bet you were routing for the feline ;)). The strip was based on real events the cat jumped at least a meter and a half to attach itself to my poor pooches face, good job he's a hairy fella.

  3. I hope there is not a mean person standing at the tap (faucet) to turn it on! You capture shuch great movement & expression

  4. thank you thank you, Danke vielmals!

    Janine - oh no! So facial hair can be useful, too? ;)

    Janet - fortunately, it wasn't connected hehe;)

  5. Good luck with German, Nancy! :)
    And if you need any help... hier bin ich! Viel Spass beim Lernen!!

  6. I love this little captured moment. It feels so authentic. Great capture!