Cat-trapping - one day left

Well, there has been a cat (and dog!) neutering project going on this week here in Costa Blanca, organised by Los Duendes (and tierhilfecostablanca.com) in Orihuela.

The road to get there is long and winding and the view is spectacular:

Around the river Segura and wherever there are cultivations, the vegetation looks rich and lush, but in the spots in between...

But anyhow, we trapped a few cats (not as many as we'd have liked as many of them were still feeding their litter) and here's one of them, chilling in the car before the operation.
He wasn't too happy to see (and hear!) the dogs:

... but he was let out again this morning (still too groggy last night) and seemed pretty laid back about the whole experience.
One more day left - if I could trap just a few more ...

Here's one of the two (originally four) little kittens found in Parque Molino del Agua in La Mata a few weeks back, still looking for a new home:


  1. Thanks for the pictures and information Nancy and good luck for the final day of the project! And let's hope the two kittens will find homes too - with that kind of a cute face one would imagine that's not impossible :-D

  2. Oh I SO hope that many cats got neutered! That means such a huge difference in their quality of life! It's so wonderful you actively engage in this! And it's great there are organizations that help, although it's hard... there are SO many kitties along the Medterranean shores!
    I really hope the two kittens will find a home soon too! The black kitten looks adorable!

  3. Yup, I am absolutely in awe of the work of these organisations - I only supply the cats and I'm exhausted! ;)