Do pets really extend your life?

Because with all the worry, all the trips to the vet to check that whatever's the matter, it's nothing too serious; their habit of waking me too early in the morning, of having me wake up with crooked bones because I didn't want to disturb the cat snugging my feet, or the one behind my back or the third sleeping on my face; any extra time I may have gained over the years, is too quickly gobbled up by these bloodthirsty little monsters! ;)

Here's the last of the cats we managed to trap and this was a fierce one! He's ever so calm and cuddly normally but once he was inside the trap, I was almost afraid he'd rip the metal cage apart! However, he did calm down once we'd gotten him into the car. 
Here he is after the operation, still a little sedated.

On our way home to release this cat we call Blanco (although a lot more ginger than white, he's still the fairest of them all), a tiny black dog crossed the road, obvisouly trying to get our attention. We stopped, gave some company, food and water and sent the car back to the animal shelter we'd just left. They came back with a cage and a leash; the dog was terribly scared but with some brute force we finally managed get him inside the cage and hopefully, eventually, to a loving home. 
I have no pictures of this as I'd left the camera in the car that went in search for help and once they got back, there was no time for any camera sessions.

Events like this definitelly do not add to my life span.

But the day was not over: there were two housecats at home waiting to go to the vet to get their shots - they've both got chronic conditions that need regular extra care. 

Actually, the day is still not over - I've got to spend time with the other cats as well, or they'll get cranky!
But with the throwing away of some cardboard boxes, they at least got an unexpected toy today:
All in all, I'm just glad this week is over and I can get back to my painting again. ...well, that sounds a little self-centered! Ah, but I'm going to indulge myself in some selfishness for a while, recharge the batteries and so on and so forth, etc, etc... Just one more post and I'm off!  Perhaps I'll see you all again for next week's IF! :)

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