Illustration Friday: "Beginner"; しょしんしゃ shoshinsha

I like being a beginner at something, sometimes because of the possibilities that learning something new opens up the mind to, and sometimes because there's no pressure to achieve.
When I and my friends were about 15 or 16, we would do our girls' nights out at pool halls, just hanging out, playing our version of billiards - without rules.
One night, a guy came up and offered to teach us how to play properly.
We never played again.
Now, that sounds dining-with-the-fishes-ominous but really it was just that we, complete beginners, played only for fun and as soon as rules and score-keeping were introduced, the fun was lost.

Guess what this symbol is:

It's a car decal much like our "L" sign to indicate that the driver in question is still learning to drive. 
This Japanese version (the Shoshinsha/Wakaba mark) has to be displayed for one year after obtaining one's licence. 
There's also one for elderly citizens - for people to show extra consideration, perhaps?


  1. Underbart tecknande! Väggen är superhärlig!

  2. The same thing about rulles happened to my granddaughters. They were playing some kind of ball game and were arguing about it. I told them the rules, but they didn't like that and quit playing that game. Forever.

  3. Sweet image! And I love the "beginner" symbols for the car. Makes such good sense.

  4. Ooh, I want to hang out there for a day! Cool round window, like being in a submarine. You'll find me looking through the books on secrets. HA! Stealth kitty. Love the arch in her back!

  5. Heisann!
    Let's keep on having fun!
    Too much in life is serious. Why do we stop playing? It' healthy!