Illustration Friday: " Soaked"; ずぶぬれ zubunure

Last summer I was walking Emil, my blind cat, by the pool, when something suddenly spooked him and he jumped in the wrong direction right into the water. As he was on a leash, I simply hauled him up again. Emil shook himself and resumed his morning promenade, as if he hadn't just gotten completely drenched.

Actually, as long as it's not about getting an actual shampooed bath, none of my cats mind water; rain is nothing to them, and garden hoses and dripping taps are there only for their amusement.
However, I doubt any of them would be as happy in the shower as this kitty below!

My latest favourite photo of Emil:


  1. Oh poor Emil! He's so lucky he has YOU!
    OMG, it's incredible how this kitten is enjoying the shower!!! Maybe he/she was just curious to see what it feels like...

  2. My cats hate the rain and would have been so mad to fall in a pool! Love the cat in the shower.