last night's experiment

I took out the little metal tray that holds the eyeshadow:

I cut out an image and tried it out for size:

Sealed it, glued it to a ring base and hey, it works! I'll try doing a pendant next time.


  1. WOW Nancy, you are SO creative!!!! THANK YOU for this fabulous idea, I'm going to try it out too! It should work great with mosaic too!

  2. Looks like the experiment was a success! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. You can certainly get some interesting colors with eye shadow. I use chalk on my scrapbook papers, but eyeshadow would be cool, especially the metallic ones.

  4. Heisann!
    Dette var originalt. Super kreativt.

    Ja, bakgrunnen er marmorert kartong.
    Se posten: http://viltogvakkert.blogspot.com/2011/05/if-lesson.html
    med et bilde.
    Ha en fin kveld ;:OD)

  5. Annuk - mosaic would look great! I look forwad´rd to seeing that.

    Elisabeth - yes, except that the back isn't flat, so Ill have to find a way to fill it out

    Belle - yes, you could use it as regular pigment, I've got thó try that!

    Janine - it took me forever to find something that works and this isn't perfect, but it was certainly fun trying it out! ;)

    Vilt of vakkert - snyggt!