Streetcats of La Mata

WARNING! Disturbing pictures ahead! 

But, to reassure you, all stories ended well!

We'll start with a nice photo of this lovely white/light yellow cat below. He's almost recovered now but about a month ago, he had huge bald spots and so scruffy it was difficult to tell if it was "just" his fur falling off or some actual injury - his pink skin made it look as though it was raw or scalded. 
Even though he's quite friendly, catching him to take to the vet turned out impossible. Instead he was fed extra vitamins (vitamins that are only available an hour's drive away! Living in the country can really suck) and apparently that did the trick! 
Just below this photo, you'll se how he looked before the treatment.

And now on to the next story, that happened around the same time as the one above;
one morning, coming around to check on the cats as usual, here's what we found:

a bloody stone and what looked like pieces of flesh (below).

 Of course, we panicked, thinking one of the cats had been attacked! And then when we saw the actual cat... I couldn't bare myself to take a photo of that.
Anyway, hurrying to get get the car, putting the cat and her kittens in the bag, rushing to the hospital - I haven't checked but if there are grey hairs on my head, it's because of events like this.
In the end, what had happened was that she'd come down with mastitis which had caused her teets to actually explode, leaving actual holes in the flesh.
After all that was cleared out, the biggest problem now were her kittens but in an amazing stroke of luck, someone offered to take in the whole family. They're all doing well now.

Just as we recovered from that incident, someone dumped four kittens in that same park. They're still here, trying to find new homes:

Anyhow, let's end with something nice: my blind cat Emil - also a rescue from the same area - enjoying a walk outside. There's no action in this clip, nothing at all happens, but as with any parent, anything my baby does, is a wonder and amazement to me ;)


  1. Stackars stackars katt! skönt att se att han mår bättre nu iaf, mamman med. Hoppas ni hittar en familj åt katterna, så många som ni har blir det svårt att hinna med något annat annars :)

  2. Dear Nancy, I must confess that it took me some time to get the heart to read your post, after reading your warning... But now I'm so happy that these stories ended well, especially for the poor mummy with her kittens! I hope they do have a nice, loving home! Poor kitties... life on the streets is so difficult and full of dangers... It breaks my heart when animals are suffering, they are such innocent beings. I hope the four sweet kittens can find a home soon too!!!
    Thank you Nancy for all the great things you're doing to help animals in need, it's great to know people like you, you make the world a warmer place to be!!!!!!
    And your Emil is a very handsome boy! Lucky boy :)! (and lucky mom, of course! :)))

  3. How wonderful for these cats you found them and helped them. Emil is lovely.

  4. That poor mommy cat, bet it was a truly gruesome sight good job you were there.

    Its such a shame some people see cats and other animals as disposable and dump them.

    Your cat is beautiful and it was lovely to see it just relaxing on the wall.