Winner of the May giveaway picked!

Thirteen entries.

One winner: Amber!

Congratulations Amber! 
While waiting for your prize, here's what the camera caught this lovely morning:


  1. Congrats to Amber!
    Lovely morning picks Nancy.
    Thanx for stopping by my blog. This are Art Forward & Art exchange rules you have asked for: http://malkamichaela.blogspot.com/2011/03/art-forward.html
    I'll be in touch, still behind with my mailings! Have a great sunny day!

  2. Hi. Yes, ACEO's if you want to post the Art Forward game, where first 3 posts will receive an original ACEO card from you, but have to post about it on their site too! All other posts will be in for a raffle, who will receive the 4th art card.
    I love artwork of my other fellow bloggers and so I offered Art Exchange as well,..
    the rest is history..
    Welcome aboard! The game is spreading fast! :)
    As for me, thanx for the concerns, life brings it's challenges in the most peculiar ways these days..I am trying to draw my way through and out of it ;)

  3. Love the shot of the feet with shadow!

  4. I agree with Sam: great shadow shot!
    Could be a card. Beautiful--makes me wish for summer! Btw, thanks for the nice comment on my IF post--it's all about the red slippers ;)