How to sign a painting

Beside the fact that I can't seem to photograph  my paintings so that they appear something like in real life (bright, pure colours - in this case red - are specially troublesome), I still haven't figured out how to add my signature so that it doesn't look added on but rather like a part of the painting.

One artist that has managed that is Justin Taylor (below)- of course, he uses only his last name and no year - I'd like to be able to do something like that eventually!

Actually, this (first image in this post) self portrait of mine - "Esquinas" ("Corners") -  was delivered in person today, to a lovely lady from Switzerland who got it as a present for a friend. She'd just arrived, after driving down - in one day! I've done it myself so I know what a literal pain in the a$$ that is but, like she said, if you need to bring stuff, it is really the easiest way - unless you want to pay for the transport, of course.
Most of my sales seem to be bought for somebody else... is that to be interepreted in some particular way, or should I just be glad that someone liked it enough  to buy it, even if not for themselves? Hmm.

Here's a little detail I like to send along to my customers; it's a notebook, very simply done with six cut printing paper strips, folded in two and stiched in the middle to make 12 pages, inside one of my folded notecards! Really, so simple and quick to make but so pretty!

These have all, at some point, been made into notebooks:


  1. Your self-portrait is so interesting I would by it for Me, not someone else! Love the notebooks. Great gift idea.

  2. Try using a photo editing programme to tweak the photo saturation and brightness a bit. There are many free ones available such as Picasa and gimp (this one takes some figuring out though)

    Lovely painting stunning even with the muted colours. Love the one on the bench.

  3. I love the notebook idea! but then I love notebooks - and hate to ruin them by writing in them ;-)


  4. thank you! Yeah, it took me some force to actually use them myself! But that's also why I've got drawers full pretty things I should get rid of but can't find the heart to ;)

  5. Your selfportrait looks absolutly phantastic. I thinkthis colours are wonderfull.

  6. Your self-portrait is wonderful, Nancy! And I really love the loving details you put into your "packaging"! The notebook idea is fantastic!!!
    About the signature: I'm sure you'll figure something out! I'd love to sign my jewelry too... but it seems not to work with such small items ;)!
    I think many people tend to choose the most beautiful things to give people they love and who are really important in their lives... see it as a honor, Nancy!!