A package destined for the land of a thousand lakes

This week I meet a lovely lady from Finland who told me of her summers in the old family house that has its very own ghost, an aunt who doesn't like strangers and makes sure in every way possible that no-one cuts down her trees. She also told me of she covers her body with a special honey made for the sauna (Bastuhonung in Swedish, don't know the Finnish name. BTW, the lady in question is fromt the "Swedish" part of the country and speaks Swedish with a lovely, soft twirl in her words that reminds me of Moomin childhood stories!), and it melts and soaks the sking something wonderful! 
The house is situated by a lake and although I've never been past the city streets of Helsinki, I imagine their lakes are not so different from ours and if they aren't, it must be like magic spending one's summers there. 

You know, like all countries have their own romantic view of themselves and the land they live in (England's green and pleasant land...for example), so do we Swedes. We call it naturromantik, and it's a sort of hunger and longing for the countryside, so matter how little we'd want to actually live there, and I'm plagued with it too.
Here's a short video from the Finnish tourist bureau; it looks so much like Sweden - and this just after my sister blogged about her day at the Woodland Cemetary (Skogskyrkogården) in Stockholm - I've got such a pang of romantic longing for midsummer lakes, forests and archipelago cottages that I feel I'm going to burst!
But I know how to remedy that - with a swim in the pool, smelling the pine trees toasting in the Spanish heat. ;)

Anyway, the reason I met this lady at all, was that she bought two paintings of mine! As they had to travel with her, I released them from their frames and rolled them together.
Unfortunately, I'm all out of the mailing tubes I brought from Sweden and I've been unsuccessful in finding new ones here (I've looked everywhere - the only office supply store I know of, paper shops, book stores, any place that isn't exclusively fashion and food), but luckily there was a recent trip to IKEA and now I've got large sheets of lovely sturdy cardboard in storage! So I made my own tube - not round, but it did what it was supposed to do, and even Lily was kind enough to add a personal touch to the package:


  1. Finland is much like Canada. I would miss our mountains if I moved away too. But I could also live in the desert, as long as there were mountains nearby. I love the heat too.

  2. It's all about mountains and water! I like that Lily is "helping." I have a couple of helpers just like that :)

  3. Vi får cykla till Skogskyrkogården när du kommer hit, det tar bara 15 min!

  4. I can understand your longing, I would feel that too if I were far from my mountains for a long time... that pang of longing hits you even if you live in a very beautiful place -- home is just home. I remember how I missed my mountains when I spent almost 4 months on Rhodes (which I love!!).
    The Scandinavian forests must be a true paradise! I am half German, and forests mean a lot to me.

  5. Oh, and Lily is such a sweet little helper!!! :)

  6. Actually, I've never paid much attention to mountains before but now that I live surrounded by them, I'm getting to appreciate them a lot more! ;)

    C - fast just nu väntar jag mest på att du skall komma hit! :D