Charity tote for Nynäshamns Katthemsförening

Nynäshamns Katthemsförening in Stockholm is finally getting a cat shelter and are now in the middle of the actual building of it! A friend of mine who's also a sponsor of the shelter, asked me to make a couple of bags with the shelter's logo and a few of the cats that have already found new homes, to be used in their own shop. Here's what I've come up with so far:
It's only a prototype and will need final approval before I get any real work done.

I also added a little zipped pocket, for those cat snacks!

BTW, it's nearing give-away time again! I just need to figure out exactly what I'll be giving away... 
Stay tuned ;)


  1. Åh den blev hur bra som helst! Jag skulle gärna vilja requesta work in progress bilder om du kan ordna? :D

  2. Belle - thanks! :)

    C - jorå, det kommer - till nästa jag gör, skall jag dokumentera mera!