Nobody calls her Sauron anymore

 My sister's cat's name was once Sauron, but that was a long time ago and now she's more known under a multitude of other names and nicks. The one that comes closest is Sau.
Sau doesn't take to new things easily and that's why this brand new bed is still (as of three days ago) waiting for its test drive. There were other beds in the shop and it took a while to pick The One. 
Another strong candidate was one that stood on legs and looked like it could sit on the back of a Harley, black and chromed and a really nice faux fur cusion peeking out. Perfect for a black cat.
One that probably will find its way into the house sooner or later is this minty cool pEI-Pod:

But back to Sau, here she is in motion, and a little bit of my sister too:


  1. SWEEEET!!!!! I love black kitties!!!! But I will call her Sauron, because Sau means 'female pig' in German... don't worry, I love piggies too (as a veggie, that is!!)! :D

  2. I like how she enjoys being brushed. It makes it a lot easier. I love the pod bed!

  3. O my, lucky Sauron...I love that pod but way too small for our cats...you are lucky you don't get bites, I almost fell asleep watching you groom. xo

  4. Annuk; Hahaha! I just had to comment on this one...
    female pig is ok I think as I usually call her my little piglet as well ;D
    (I'm the sister, the one grooming Sau :))

  5. haha, yeah... although she's not one to pig out, she is still very ... compact ;)