A Swedish Sojourn, part 1 // Resan genom Sverige, del 1

My Swedish sojourn was in reality not a very extensive one (three cities and not much in between!) but since I normally take my non-stop flight straight to Stockholm, I took the opportunity to use my camera to the max!
First stop Malmö Airport - Sturup. 
Sturup is a delightfully small airport with the Swedish nature right outside its doors. This bright yellow building 
was the background for the aiport shuttles going into Malmö and Lund. I chose Lund, simply because I'd never been there before. 
There were only two of us waiting in line - a lovely woman from Thailand who'd been living in Sweden for  (I think) seven years already but still wasn't confident about her Swedish so we conversed in English.

Sturups flygplats. Gul plåt mot blå himmel, hur svenskt kan det bli? ;)

View from the airport bus.

The very picturesque train station in Lund, with its bicycle garage underneath.

Det går ju rykten om att det skall byggas något liknande under nya Odenplan - jag ser fram emot det!

I know that in Japan there is (was?) a train named  Super White Arrow. That sounds just like a comic super hero to me!
In Sweden we stick to celebrities.
Recently one suggestion for new names was Zlatan after the Swedish international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, currently playing in Milan. But apparently the rule says that only deceased personalities are allowed to lend their names for this purpose. Let's hope we don't see Zlatan's name on trains any time soon!

This one I saw here, in Lund, has been named after the fictional character Kurt Wallander (played rather interestingly by Kenneth Branagh, I thought!), the main protagonist in a series of crime novels by Henning Mankell.

Views from the train to Ängelholm.
And this is my first stop on this journey. Ängelholm is where a friend of mine lives, right by the water. 
Ängelholm was once known as a seaside resort and that is evident in the houses that still stand today; many are old "doctor villas" used only in summer or originally very spartan summer cottages nowadays worth a lot more than most modern houses.

Får dock säga att de fantastiska glasfasaderna på många av dessa nya /renoverade palats såg ganska trista ut - utifrån. Inifrån har de givetvis en makalös utsikt över vattnet!

I had arrived in a sticky hot Sweden that morning but as night approached, storms set in.
Apparently, Ängelholm has the same problem with sand dunes as we do here on the Costa Blanca and started planting (as early as 1739 and witnessed by the botanist Carl von Linné) pine forests along the shores to protect the town. 
The first line of trees is a gnawd windstruck mass, growing straigther and impossibly tall as the forest denses.
And that ends day one!


  1. This is wonderful to see your trip to Sweden. I love that train station and the train is so pretty. Your friend's home looks lovely with all the glass and brick. It is interesting about planting the trees near the seashore.

  2. Such a beautiful photo reportage!
    You must have had a great time in Sweden, Nancy! Nature looks so gorgeous there! Are you already back?