Illustration Friday: "Disguise"; ふんする funsuru

First day off and what better way to start than by joining IF again, right? ;) 
The thing about us humans is that if we're not careful, we see only what we want to see and there's not a mirror alive that will correct us on its own accord.

I've always loved playing dress-up; I never saw it as disguising myself but of course the line between disguise and pretend is a fine blend.
There's a historical society in Sweden called Gustafs Skål (named so after a king from the late 1700s) and I've been subscribing to their newsletter for several years now. Not that I'll ever get around to making my own dress or joining their parties or even go to a meeting but just watching their costumes makes me salivate. That and the carnival of Venice.

In other not so interesting news, I'm playing around with the blogger layouts but it's not letting me choose my own background so I'm stuck with this rather clean-and-simple-but-not-quite-me blue background. We'll see how long I can stand it before I turn everything chock pink, no matter how badly it clashes with the images. ;)


  1. Love the concept and the sketchiness of it!

  2. I am always fascinated but what we see and what we are...in fact we only see our mirror image and not ourselves.

    It is fascinating to travel to earlier times just to take a peek ....I like that drawing.

    Your blog looks very clean and I love it.


  3. I really like this drawing. It has a loose, fun quality to the line work. Excellent!

  4. Lovely illustration a very nice take on the word.

  5. I love the idea and the sketchiness of this too. Nice job :)

  6. Heisann!
    Lille speil på veggen der.....
    Some times it is a must to dream, and fly up, up and away!
    ♥ from me