Classical painting workshop

I signed up for a painting workshop this summer. The technique was "classical", although we didn't have months or even weeks to get it done, so the idea got very much condensed! 
The four days we had to produce something were packed! But the weather was lovely and the morning light coming in created a lovely atmosphere.

 Day one started with the priming of the linen, a pencil sketch of the model and a quick colour study:

We then went on to work on the actual stretched canvas. Painting in thin layers is not how I usually do things and there were times when I - along with everyone else! - despaired and thought I'd never be able to finish ... but the teacher was very good at his job, very patient and very inspiring and in the end I was quite pleased with what I'd made.

This girl here had her easel right next to me and I couldn't help but admire the way she handled her lights and colours. One thing we noticed though, was that she'd actually managed to paint herself rather than the model! (And poor model, she had a cold the whole week - which you can almost see in the finished painting...)

I had so much fun during the workshop but we were all quite exhausted afterwards! 
And once it was over it was a race against time to get it dry enough for transport back to Spain. We used water soluble oil paints, which I'm not too familiar with but it did dry in a couple of days and it was rather practical having to deal with water and soap only so maybe I'll give it another try.

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