Illustration Friday: "Ferocious"; たけだけしい takedakeshii

Cats are part of the ferocious family, I think that's pretty much clear to all of us! Even the most docile of cuddle-bumps turn nasty at the prospect of a hunt. I may think they look adorable but I'm sure their victims don't ...

Bello may look a bit like the evil twin sometimes but that's (most of it) actually due to a scar he got in a fight and that left the upper lid of his right eye kind of slanted and mean looking:
His left eye sort of adjusted to match the other ... ;]


  1. You really capture that feline ferocity, & I love the grass too!

  2. You do capture that ferociousness and i know exactly...he is adorable...I hope that drawing is turning into something we can buy...so lovely xx

  3. the first reminds me of Miyazake's movie " The Cat returns" :) beautiful.

  4. Heisann!

    Already done!
    I'm just structuring my ideas!
    Nice and 'artig' drawing ;:OD)

  5. Pretty kitties--all of them :)
    Gorgeous cat and some fun line work going on!

  6. thank you all! ...ahh, it's lovely being back on IF ;)

    MrsLittleJeans - actually this was a sketch for an Etsy idea so hopefully I'll have something (a little cleaner, more finished) up soon!

    Canato Jimomi - I had not heard of that movie before but I looked it up and I'll definitely have to watch it now - if it's got a "king of the cats", it's got to be worth watching, right? ;)