Seven things about me, no. 1; Illustration Friday: "Boundaries";きょういき - kyouiki

Why is it so many of us can't resist a challenge? Or rather, why won't we? 
But of course it's not all challenges that get us thrilling, most stick to one area and don't wander beyond that; I for example couldn't care very much less about competitions, in fact, if the challenge is wrapped up in a competition, that's a sure way of getting me to lose interest.  
But if we're talking museums, public buildings and areas and juicy green lawns, that's another matter altogether. When I see Mona Lisa and David, I want to get close and touch their faces, I want to lean against ancient pillars and sit on graves; if there's grass, I want to walk on it.

A while back I was tagged to do a "seven things about me" challenge and I've been trying ever since to come up with something beyond my favourite colour and what I usualy have for breakfast. As I still haven't come up with seven things, I'm going to take it one at a time, starting with number one:

Once in my life, I've fallen for an actual dare: a friend and I, at perhaps the age of twelve, were walking to school one day when we passed a field of stinging nettle and I happened to mention that nettles didn't bother me. She of course didn't believe me and challenged me to walk through the nettles. I, very sure of myself, did just that, and it was no big deal. 
I can't say for sure that I wouldn't have done it had I not known beforehand how I'd react, after all, given the right moment and the right mood, we all do really stupid things sometimes ...


  1. Great illustration, she knows what she is doing!

  2. Great example of boundaries... love your illustration!

  3. That is one cute story and you just shared something wonderful about you. Competition with others is silly, you strive for excellence! : )

  4. Beautiful illustration love the expression on her face. Like the nettle story, nettle stings on my hand generally don't bother me any where else on my body I suffer like the next person. So I don't think I would have taken your friend up on the challenge, though if it would have gotten me of school then I probably would have :)

  5. Great example, great illustration, I love the expression on her face and her pose, and the toes... and what you shared about yourself. I was an obedient little girl and I sometimes I regret that.

  6. yay! great spirit in this! you gotta love forbidden grass! wonderful illio, nancy! :-)

  7. Heisann!
    Have you ever since walked through them?
    I have them spread all over the garden and try to get hardened, but it takes time!
    Lovely, indeed, story and cute illustration ;:OD)

  8. ADORABLE illustration. Love your interpretation of boundaries! Couldn't be cuter!

  9. Lovely work and great interpretation of the topic too :)