A Swedish sojourn, part 2

Do you remember, a while back, I told you about the beginning of this trip? That day ended dark and windy.
Well, very early next morning I took the train north and stepped out into a Göteborg filled with the clouds of a classic summer storm. The palm house (Palmhuset) almost right next to the train station looked sleepy, tucked away in the mist.
But the air was warm and promised a better outlook for the day, something which this gentleman seemed to have taken to heart:
And as you can see, by the time I got to this statue, a mere 10 minute walk from the first photo, things were clearing up quickly!

Anyway, I wasn't here to do sightseeing and was cooped up indoors for the better part of the day. When I got out again, the sun was beating down and I had to strip down to my bare essentials trying not to jump in the moat to soak (yes, the town has a moat!).

On my way back to the station, I walked through the gardens of Trädgårdsföreningen, where the palm house is situated:

There were odd installations outside ...
They were rose bushes being prepared for the rose festival starting the next day.

The last image of Göteborg, the moat, right outside the train station.

Well, almost the last:

All throughout the day, I'd been seeing an unusually high amount of black tees and tattoos but thought that perhaps there was a bikers convention in town or, who knows, maybe Göteborg is naturally a city of hard rockers? But when I got to the moat, the station gates opened and the city was literally inundated with - what I was to find out -ticket holders to that night's Iron Maiden concert and probably the Big Four event (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) 48 hours later. 
I don't usually get to see rockers travelling in group so it was quite a thrill seeing so many of them in one place! I make them sound like a rare species ... 
I don't use my mobile phone for anything else than as an alarm clock and so I do not have all the little extra gadgets like a camera but that day I wished for one - digging out my regular digital camera and asking for a pose is not quite my thing. ;)

Anywhoo, back onto the train, the final leg:
By now I'd been travelling for two days already and the novelty had worn out.
Now it was just a question of transport.
A small station somewhere between Göteborg and Stockholm.

21:15. Less than two hours left.

22:20, Västerås. 40 minutes left.

23:30, Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, waiting for the final bus home.


  1. I love it when I come to your blog and I see this wonderful SEA!!! Looks like Rhodes... :)

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful images and impressions of your trip! The weather seems to be as quickly changing as in Germany! And the landscapes look a lot like German landscapes! Really beautiful pics, enjoyed the trip!
    And I smiled at your mobile phone used as an alarm clock... mine is very old and basic too, I use it for texting only! It does have a VERY basic camera, but I never use it since I've got a digital camera. But good to have it in case of casual events where I don't have my camera with me...

  2. I know, that beach looks lovely, it's nice to be remembered of that sometimes, especially when you've got all work on your mind! :D
    If I lived permanently here in Stockholm, I'd use the internet function all the time but since I'm half the year in a village that just barely has an online presence, well, it seems silly ;)