ACEOs? Thinking about it ...

So I'm constantly being told to paint larger and I am trying to but somehow the other day I just got fed up with everything and decided to embrace my love for the petite rather than being so negative about it. And ACEO's are perfect for such things! I'm not really familiar with the ACEO universe but I really do like the idea and I'm now trying to decide which shop to list this one in ... Is Etsy the "safer" bet? I'm not sure what kind of market there is for such cards in Sweden so, hmm, I guess I'll start out on Etsy. But the next image will go up north!


  1. If you feel more comfortable painting small, then why not?

  2. well, it's not so much about feeling comfortable but rather beacuse painting big takes space I don't really have and time I can't really afford and the very thought of all that does my head in! ;)

    Sometimes it seems cat-butts are everywhere! :D