Beautiful beautiful Bello ...

... is what I call him. Well, in Swedish. I turned the camera on him and caught him licking himself. Since I am a bit of a prude, I tried to distract him. A tickle on the chin is always good but really, you only need to look at him and he'll get purring! 

It's a pity the sounds didn't get through properly because he does has the loudest purr! Not as loud as Smokey, though -he's got the Guiness world record in that category!


  1. Sweet Bello!!! He has such a sweet face! And he is true to his name! A very handsome boy! :)
    Wow... Smokey's purr is truly LOUD! I thought Zoe purrs loudly, but now that is LOUD! ;D

  2. Ahhh...cats are delightful...I love the expression on their faces. Our gussy has the tiniest purr and ollie has the biggest but not like smokey haha too cute xx

  3. Smokey was purring even when he was eating! Very unusual. Bello is so pretty.