Getting back on track

Well I know I said I'd play around a bit constructing my own foot-tickler but it's been a super busy week and then three street cats were poisoned - two kittens and their mother - a third kitten has been to the vet and is now hopefully on the mend, at least she had something to eat this morning (the extra soft, expensive paté - I'm starting to think maybe she's not as sick as she lets on ... ;) so we're hoping for the best. 
Tomorrow I'm hoping to start and finish a drawing for Etsy For Animals' monthly challenge (I'm not sure how realistic that plan is ...) and finally getting that fan working!


  1. He is adorable! Love to see your new drawing! xx

  2. Oh so sad to hear about the poisonings...
    I hope this little one finds a loving home soon! Poor little angels... same situation here in Rhodes, unfortunately :(