Illustration Friday: "Contraption"

Did you and your siblins take turns scratching each other's backs when you were little? My sister and I had a timer. Just to be exactly fair.
What I would need these days to tickle my toes is a feather pinwheel and I got all excited thinking about constructing one - until I came upon this drawing of mine, made earlier this week for school:
And I thought of all those movies of hot, clammy summers where the only air condition available is an old, just barely running fan that doesn't do much more than blow tepid gusts in your face if you get close enough (I've got one of those myself). And one thing they always have - as sure as tumbleweeds blowing in westerns, these fans have plastic strings attached to the protective meche. I think they're there so that you'll know it's working but those strings could actually be put to good use against the soles of my feet! I'm going to try that tomorrow and post photo evidence of the result!


  1. Your lovely drawing brought back memories of my grandchildren taking turns on the hammock when we were camping one year.

    Yes, I remember hot days with a fan blowing warm air on me. I love air conditioning!

  2. You made me laugh, you and your sister were so fair...love that drawing, love to be lazing around like that just now..hope your fan experiment goes well xo

  3. That is a lovely sketch of a girl dozing off because of the soft motion of the hammock and the weed tickling her feet.

  4. Hahaha brilliant idea!

    Jag skulle behöva lite spanienvärme nu. Det är sååååååå kallt här...

  5. Love your hammock sketch. Really captures a lovely, daydreamy afternoon in the garden. :)