Illustration Friday: "Scary"; こわい kowai

I've had one recurring dream in my life so far - and by recurring I mean I re-dreamt it once only.
The dream starts with me and my mother walking down a street. My sister's walking ahead of us and for that reason that is never apparent but always very real when in the dream, it's very important that I catch up with her and it annoys me that she won't wait up no matter how much I call out to her. 
So I walk faster, on this street that turns into a pier.
The first time this is where the dream ends.
The next time, as we're approaching the end of the pier, I'm close enough to physically make her turn around. But when she does, her face is a skull.
My dreams are kind of boring in the sense that I'm always aware that I'm dreaming (unless it's something so everyday that I confuse it with reality and don't know which is which when I wake up!) so even though I understood that this was supposed to be scary, it was more confusing. To this day I don't know what to make of it. It is the only dream I haven't been able to desipher.


  1. It is a frightening dream. Perhaps you were afraid of losing your mother as a child.

  2. That is kind of scary but I am sure your dream is trying to make a clear statement, now I wonder how you can decipher it. Maybe she is walking ahead faster because she does not want you to see her face, maybe she thinks that you are closer to your mom...ask why does she not want to be seen.
    Also, it may be entirely meaningless and caused by eating pizza late at night. Did you do that? :)

  3. What an odd and frightening dream! Not sure about the meaning (I think you are the only person who can try to decipher its meaning, but MrsLittleJeans' suggestion is a good one!)...
    I love trying to decipher my dreams too, and like you "I'm always aware that I'm dreaming (unless it's something so everyday that I confuse it with reality and don't know which is which when I wake up!)"!!!!

  4. ahhh, no matter how much I think about it, I can't figure it out! I guess it's one of those life's mysteries I'll have to endure ;)

  5. That dream reminds me of the song "Severus and Stone" by Radical Face.

    It is about this dream a boy has about his brother getting out of bed but his feet don't touch the ground so he follows him into the woods and is told that his brother is "where he needs to be". When he wakes up, his brother has passed away. It's a sad and touching song.

    Anyhow, I can your sister is alive and well from reading your blog and seeing her comments.

    I have two kinds of dreams. Dreams that are meant to teach or warn me, and it seems there is always somebody just off "screen" in my dream explaining what things mean and I can decipher them.

    Then I have weird dreams where I am being chased or shot at or pursued.

    Scary art. Love the sequential panels.