What didn't happen last Tuesday

I went to the post office and because there's an election coming up, it took me an hour to send one parcel. After 40 minutes of going slowly mad, I decided to snack on some chocolate covered peanuts I'd bought just before. The packaging, however, is not consumer friendly and because of past experience, I decided to open it inside my bag and save myself an embarrassing situation.
I then drew this picture of what might've been.


  1. Hehe, this could've easly happened to me as well! Such a wonderful sketch! & thanks for visiting & the lovely comments :)


  2. Wonderful drawing!!! I would recognize your style anywhere, it's so distinctively YOU!
    I can imagine vividly what could have happened... ;D Did you clean your bag afterwards? LOL!

  3. Don't you hate it when that happens? You found a good way to get around it. :)

  4. Annuk - This time I managed to avoid the chocolate stains but from time to time I do find dry bits of strange, unshapely thing in the bottom corners of my bag ... ;)

    Belle - the worst! The bag works well as long as it's not full already!