... and what I wore to the fair, 23 oct 2011

The day started with the packing of all the little last minute things I make, like these pinwheels which were made with regular coloured paper, decorated with stamps and drawing.
Pinwheels are really easy to make (see photo below!) - all you need is a square peice of paper. You make one cut from each corner into the center (leaving a centimetre or two in the middle) and make a hole in each other corner. Bend one corner towards the middle and put a tack pin through the hole from the back of the paper. Do the same with the other corners, tucking each under the previous one, and finally put the tack through the hole in the middle of the square, pin the whole thing to a wooden stick and you're done!
But make sure to make the holes just a tad larger than the pin so that the paper spins freely in the wind! :)

But back to the day:
Early morning and artists are setting up their stations.
And swiftly moving on to demonstrations:
My parasol's the orange one, right in the middle of the square of San Miguel de Salinas, with the church in the background.

From this angle you can see the children's area in the foreground, at this stage they've only just started.
I didn't get to see the finished work but here's a closeup of what they were up to:

I too had a little children's corner, with stamps and pens and stuff to make cards:

A couple of hours in, I'm starting to feel really grateful for that parasol ... but I could've done with a pair of sandals instead!
 My view of the stall. Cards prove popular and several designs sell out!

And my neighbour is finishing off his watercolour:

End of the day and almost end of the business cards ...

And as for what I wore:
Perfectly fine in the morning but unbearable once the sun was properly up!
PS. For all your artists on the Spanish Costas, if you're not already on the www.costaart.net mailing list, you really should be - this is how I find out about everything arty going on here! And the person behind the website, Martin Robinson (who was at the fair yesterday) is just as lovely as can be! :D


  1. Ser mysigt ut! Skönt att kunna stå ute i t-shirt, riktigt avis! :)

  2. Ja, jag vet att jag klagar på värmen men nu är det faktiskt ganska skönt och jag är inte avis tillbaks ;) Paketet kom till slut, förresten!

  3. Thanks so much for the photos of the fair. What a wonderful time it must have been for everyone.

  4. Oh Nancy, you must have had a gorgeous time at the fair!!! All the photos are great, and the atmosphere looks amazing!!!!!
    Well done, girl! :)
    Oh I wish they had art fairs in Rhodes, would be a dream having that in the magical Old Town!!!!!
    By the way, I love your colorful pinwheels (great idea!) and... your colorful socks! ;D
    Great idea to have some little, less expensive things that sell easier at fairs!