art school homework and 7 thing about me, nr. 2

This week's exercise is all about using colour in a composition, using a few figures against the backdrop of a wall or room. I used my sister and myself as models and a ginger cat because I chose red/yellow as the main theme. 
Whenever I draw children I always seem to be drawing us rather than just any anonymous kid (which might be why there are never any boys around!) and I was reminded of Belle's photo from a few weeks back, of her and her daugher on skates. I mentioned on her blog that I had a photo just like that, but I've not found it yet. My photos are all boxed up in no order at all.
But here's one of my favourite photos of my dad and his father. 
Perhaps it's beause I never met him that I don't call my father's father "Grandad". I've actually no idea what he was like as a person but judging from the photos, I do (want to?) see a sense of humour there.


  1. I'm glad you liked my photo. Your father was certainly handsome and yes, it looks like his father had a good sense of humor. I love the drawing of you and your sister. I enjoyed growing up with an older sister. It made my childhood fun.

  2. I love your nostalgic sense for the past, childhood and family in both your drawing and photography... a true Pisces, my sweet Nancy! :)
    My beloved is a Cancerian (Water sign as well) and I know what I'm talking about ;D

  3. You and your sister have a special lovely bond that comes through in your work...love you both and I agree that your grand father must have had a sense of humor...that is a great photo! Have a great weekend!

  4. ... except that I and my sister spent our childhood fighting! ;)