Illustration Friday: "Round"; まる maru (circle)

(click the image to see it larger)
Is Fenrir about to break free from his shackles?
This was a piece made for school - the theme is perspective. Acrylic and marker.
 I was watching the news and as always there're nothing but bad news - the economy, the wars, the climate ... if the world is to see its end because of our doings, we certainly seem to be getting closer by the day.

Fenrir is the wolf that in Norse mythology is destined to kill Oden, the head of the Asa gods and he is bound with a magical rope made from "the roots of the mountains, the rumbling of the cat, the tendons of the bear, the breath of the fish, the beard of women and the spit of birds". But when Ragnarök ("the end of the gods") arrives, the foundations of the world will shatter and free Fenrir. 
Fenrir , his brother Midgårdsormen (the serpent that lies in a circle around the world, biting his own tail), the giants and all creatures that are seen as "evil" will be led in battle against the Asa gods by Loke - also Asa but from a mother of the giant race and father of both Fenrir, Midgårdsormen and Hel, goddess of Hel (hell). 
Fenrir swallows Oden whole but is killed by Oden's son. Midgårdsormen is killed by Tor but Tor dies from the serpent's poison.
The world ends in fire.
And then it rises again, new and beautiful and the surviving gods gather to reminisce of the good old days. The sun, who was eaten by another giant wolf, had a daughter and she now follows in the footsteps of her mother.  
The human race survives, but so does evil. And so it goes round and round, in a never ending circle.

Here's a more peaceful image from this morning, it's Emil enjoying the autumn sun:


  1. Wonderful painting -- love the colors and loved reading the story... I studied some Norse mythology at university when I was doing Germanic Philology!
    And wonderful photo of Emil! He looks so happy!

  2. Emil is oblivious to evil and that is a lovely thing. Interesting painting; I like how you are doing this new perspective thing.

  3. Cool mythos. I love mythologies of all sorts and see common threads in so many of them.

    Fenrir is a cool name.

    I like the overhead shot, looking down.

    I had a nightmare about a wolf when I was a kid. It bit my arm off. I went home, bandaged myself, and then returned to the wolf and slayed it, one handed.

  4. Beautiful piece. Thank you for adding the mythology. It was wonderful. And Emil, of course, is unbound.

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  7. Annuk - Germanic Philology? I'm revealing the nred in me but that sounds exciting! :D Yes, Emil had a happy moment there, chasing the sound of flies.

    Belel - hehe, Emil is sometimes Evil incarnated ... but the rest of the time he's an angel! A fallen angel maybe ;)

    Rubin - yes, the idea of the world starting over again and again seems to be a common thought in many cultures. But that dream of yours - that sounds very accomplished! Like the perfect example in a dream interpretation book.

    Sandy - "Emil unbound" - that's so true, hadn't thought of that! :D