Illustration Friday: "Stripes"; しま shima

My striped cat Valentino has been feeling poorly this week, not eating or wanting to play or go belly up for a rub. 
The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him but I suspected constipation (or at least hoping it wasn't anything more serious) and tried giving him the most liquid patés I could find, and force feeding him water. 
But the days went by and nothing happened so this morning I went to a Swedish store and got some "messmör", a kind of  sweet milky spread that I hear has a tinge of  caramel taste - I remember it being very popular in kindergarden but never tried it myself. 
I'd been hearing this rumour about messmör being a miracle worker on constipated cats and thought it couldn't possibly hurt to try before calling the vet again.
A couple of hours later I hear someone moving about in the litter box and I rush out all excited to catch any news. 
I arrive just in time to see my no-longer-so-fat boy covering up a big healthy pile of produce.
This was my reaction at the scene:


  1. I'm so glad your cat is feeling better! I will admit that cat litter boxes are not my favorite topic for art but I can totally understand the impulse after worrying about Valentino.

    The sketch of Valentino is really terrific. I love the loose lines and the way you captured his fur and sleeping face. :)

  2. Poor Valentino! I'm so glad his problem is solved! His tummy must have been aching, poor boy...
    Big kiss to him!!!!
    Both your drawings are wonderful! The one with a happy Nancy next to the litter box is gorgeous! :)

  3. No, hanging around the litter box is not my favourite pastime but this time it had to be done, urk :}

  4. Åh mår han bättre nu? stackars Tjockis....:(

  5. jadå, när han väl gått på lådan blev han sig själv i ett huj! :D