My everyday crushes + 7 things about me, nr 4.

Well, I did say I was going to explain my latest burst of energy and it's all got to do with ... well, small everyday crushes, really.
This particular crush is Chinese calligraphy. My art professor was in Madrid earlier this year and happened to bump into the Spanish President of the Chinese calligraphy association and asked for a private lesson. She filmed it and brought it back to us.
It was amazingly inspiring!
The next couple of hours we did nothing but train our strokes. I used watercolour and a watercolour brush - which works nothing like a Chinese brush but I couldn't find a synthetic one so I had to make do with what I had - but it relaxed me better than yoga! I've not been this de-stressed since before the summer.

Example of humongously large brush calligraphy:

Now, our professor had us do an excercise at the start of this class. Each and everyone of us had to say something about ourselves and then we'd all interpret that with one single stroke.
I can never think of interesting things to say at occasions like this and by the time my turn came, my mind was blank. And you know what blank minds do - they make you blurt out things you wouldn't normally say. It wasn't anything revolutionary mind you, just something that at the time made me sound like I should be on anti-depressants (not to make light of the issue - we all walk closer than we should to the border sometimes) and made me wish I had gone with something like my favourite colour.
What I said was this: "I enjoy a lot of things but I have no passions". 
At the time, I was really stressed and had been for a long time and that always makes it difficult to concentrate enough to enjoy all the little miracles the way they deserve to, so in some ways what I said was true. 
But what I meant was that I have no major hobby or interest (my family, my cats, my painting are all part of my life and don't count as what I would call passions) - I'm too cynical and too fickle to be part of a fanbase of any kind. 
But I do have many tiny crushes every day, some are new finds and some of them are old re-found ones. My latest (this morning!) re-found crush is the tv-series The Professionals - the original version. Sure, the dull 70's studio sets were a bit ... well, dull but I am after all an Anglophile (as well as a Francophile, Sinophile and an any-culture-phile in general ;) and I do tend to gravitate more towards old flats with older windows than airy hollywood mansions. 
But I fell like a pine, as we say in Sweden.
Anyway, this morning I came across this little reminder, and it brightened an already sunny day:
(Mind you, had I been around at the time, I might not have disagreed with this reviewer: http://dvdoutsider.co.uk/dvd/reviews/p/professionals_s4.html)

Continuing on the subject of crushes: 
One of the things i miss now that I don't live in a city anymore, is the innocent flirting on the metro. You know, a smile as you sit down with all your parcels and look up to notice you're opposite a really cute thang. Yeah, I'm due for a nice, two station platonic crush.
I sometimes suspect I may have a little tiny social butterfly lurking inside me.


  1. Sometimes how we feel just comes out at the wrong time. I felt a lack of passion until I discovered blogging. Reading them I mean. Getting to know different people. But is that a true passion? What I have always wanted was to draw and paint like you do. But all I feel when I am drawing is frustration, so that can't be a passion, Right? Aren't you glad I commented? :)

  2. Actually, I'm not sure what a "passion" is and my opinion on it varies. But perhaps you just haven't found your field in the arts? If not drawing, perhaps painting or crafts or digital illustration - you should take classes and try a few different things!