Shoo away the November gloom! With the help of a little giveaway :)

Well, not to gloat or anything but .., truth be told, my November's quite sunny and lovely. ;) But wouldn't you love coming home one afternoon to a set of cards filled with sunshine in your postbox?
The giveaway is for four (4) cards of your choice (white envelopes included - note that this does not apply to all card sets - check shop for details). The images above are just samples, check the shop for a full selection! And remember, should you find a print I haven't made into cards yet, I'll be happy to make some for you - and it doesn't have to be four of the same either!
Just leave a comment here about which ones you'd choose, and also - if you like! - join my facebook page for future giveaways and news.
Well, that's all, I think ...  oh, and good luck! :)
The giveaway ends next Sunday -  20/11-2011


  1. I really like your prints, Walking cats watercolour reproduction - "Determination", The Princess and The Pea - watercolour reproduction, and Swedish Folklore - charcoal drawing reproduction.

  2. Wow you are very kind and your art is beautiful! Some of my favorite prints include your Best of Friends, the Cat and Ballerina, the Retro Style Cat Drawing and your Princess and the Pea!

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  3. Your drawing are fantastic!
    I love the cards with birds. maybe because I really love bird patterns!

    i liked your pages as moi eugenia

    email: bohemian_sin(at)yahoo(dot)com

  4. I love so many of them, but "Weekends by the Sea" was my favorite. I'm glad you are nice and warm. It has rained lately here, but not too cold. :)

  5. Oh my, I LOVE the "Adrift" cards with the beautiful watercolored umbrella. Gorgeous!


  6. YES YES YESSSSS... I'm in! :)
    Oh... that's a hard choice -- but I really love the "Weekends by the Sea" set!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Have a wonderful week, Nancy! :)

  7. Lovely giveaway, thank you!!
    I'd be super-happy to have each of these:
    - Weekends by the sea
    - Raining Cats and Dogs - mixed media card set of four
    - Sandman watercolour card set - "Adrift"
    - Watercolour card set of four -"The Best of Friends"

    And following on Facebook as Despina Vnt


  8. They are all beautiful! I love the Yelllow Button flower pattern.
    I am a Facebook follower (Kimberly Fine Wright)
    Halochanelmat gmail dot com

  9. I like the Adrift cards! All of the illustrations are beautiful, though!

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  10. What a lovely give away! I would happily have any of the prints/cards, but I particularly like the Princess and the Pea one. ~ Sara

  11. OMFG ! Your cards are AMAZING ! I like Clear Skies and Best of Friends cards the best but all of them are great ! :)

    what a wonderful give away. :)

    aprstoer [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. i like the Sandman watercolour card set - "Adrift"
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  13. I love the
    Best of Friends
    Who's the Boss Cat
    charcoal cat
    Brown cat
    They are all great cards.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  14. they are all great! I love the red robin holiday cards:)
    Dagmar B.

  15. All of your art is great, but I especially love the "Who's the boss?" cards.

    gemini5757 at hotmail dot com

  16. aww, you're all too sweet! It'll be a pleasure to send this little package to some exotic part of the world! Unless somebody from Spain joins in, which would be equally exciting as I've never had a local customer before :D

  17. I'm in love with the Who's the boss, cat illustration :)
    I1m fond of cats..sometimes I guess I behave like a cat , mmmmmrrrr :)
    and I like your mixed technics*_-

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  18. Wow, what an amazing talent you have. So many beautiful cards. Since I live in a city that see's so much rain I think I want the Sandman watercolour card set - "Adrift" ambrerose at[aol] dot[com]

  19. I like the
    1. Best of Friends
    2. Who's the boss
    3. Sandman watercolour
    4. Raining Cats and Dogs

    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot comk

  20. I would choose:
    -A Cat and a Garden Hose
    -Red Crown flower pattern
    -Yellow Button flower pattern

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  21. thank you for such a great giveaway!
    i would love to win:
    Sandman watercolour card set - "Adrift"
    Yelllow Button flower pattern
    Gathering Rose Hips
    Red Crown flower pattern

    uk7ss At yahoo DOT com

  22. Oh dear, choosing is so hard - all of your cards are beautiful. Maybe the Red Red Robin cards...or the The Best of Friends.

    debyeo at hotmail dot com

  23. i'd love to win
    Sandman watercolour card set


    thanks =)

  24. I'd love two of the sandman cards, a clear skies card, and a charcoal cat card.
    I sent care packages to the troops overseas and they would love these!!!

    Cerena Leigh

  25. krisj_27@hotmail.com

    I LOVEEE weekends by the sea, clear skies, sandman, and raining cats and dogs!

  26. My favorite is "who's the boss." So lovely! I also like Adrift. Thanks for the giveaway!
    fec527 at hotmail dot com

  27. Love your bird and cat prints..can't choose a fav..but the robin and brown cat are tops right now!

  28. ooooh I love your cards! I would get the flower crown card :)) its gorgeous.

    masha7777 at gmail dot com