... speaking of dreams

Rubin Pingk left an interesting comment on a previous post that reminded me of my unusually active dream world this week:
Dream nr 1.
     A road movie set somewhere in Argentina. I'm travelling with this guy called Macri, a very real person and celebrity in Argentina, not because he's a movie star but because he's from a successful business family, became the president of legendary football club Boca Juniors and then mayor of Buenos Aires. I know him as "Weasel-face". He's the only Argentinian celebrity I recognise, so that's probably why he showed up. On the other hand, I've not been reading or listening to any news from Argentina in a few weeks so why the dream is set there to start with, I've no idea.
     Anyway, we stop at a bar and I go looking for the lavatory - which I find, but the problem is there's no door and I really do prefer a bit of privacy. So, I go looking for another room. And I find it, and another and another but there's always something wrong with each one and I end up getting lost in a labyrinth of toilets. 
Eventually I find a cleaning lady and she leads me back to the bar (apparently I've got a greater capacity to "hold it in" than I thought because it doesn't seem to bother me that that I had to leave with unfinished business). But Macri, my road movie partner, is nowhere to be seen. He left to search for me. 
This is where the dream ends.

And now I think I remember something that could explain the setting - a couple of days ago, my Mother and I were commenting on how all the Argentinian comedies we've watched in the last few years, were more noir comedy dramas than Dumb and Dumber. Sounds plausible.

Dream nr. 2. 
     I'm a sailor, in white flares à la Gene Kelly & Co. and I and my buddies have been arrested for breaking and entering. But we're offered a deal - we could get a lighter sentence if we agree to put our safe-opening skills to good use as midwifes. Yes, apparently those two professions have more in common that one would've thought.
This was a short dream and my only possible explanation for it is that I watched Glee last night.


  1. You have incredible dreams, I imagine that movie watching has something to do with it. I too experience novel type dreams where there is actually a story line. Sometimes my cats talk to me in my dreams like people. Sometimes it is crazy run and chase. I am amused by how locksmithing and midwifery were interconnected. I hope you are loving these dreams and keeping a nice journal. See you in a few weeks, I am off to visit my sisters and mom. xx

  2. I have vivid dreams every night. I am usually traveling on a plane, ship or car. Sometimes I'm at Disneyland. Bad stuff is usually happening, like recently the plane crashed; but I made it!

  3. What can it mean?!

    Okay. So you are with a celebrity, manager, successful business guy in Argentina.

    Perhaps this represents a partner.

    Then you stop at a bar.

    Perhaps this represents a social place, where a person might be with another person at the beginning of a relationship.

    Then you break away to find a lavatory, but you cannot find the lavatory you want because none of them offer the privacy you prefer.

    Perhaps this represents the components of privacy which are surrendered in a relationship.

    After looking for awhile (unsuccessfully), you are taken back to the scene and your partner has left. He is gone.

    Perhaps this represents the impatience of a person.

    The second dream is just crazy! I can't even begin to draw parallels to life.

    Hmmm... okay so you are a sailor. A sailor is world wise and experienced with many parts of the globe. . .

    You and your friends are arrested to breaking and entering, you went someplace you ought not to have. . .

    You are offered a lenient sentence if you agree to use your safe-breaking skills as a midwife. . .

    Perhaps this represents your role as a companion to somebody with a bigger burden?

    Gah! I don't know!

    I'm no dream decipher'er (beyond my own dreams anyway.)

    I wish I dreamt entertaining dreams. Too often they are hard lessons or fearful wit sharpening thrillers.

    Perhaps you should take a listen to "Here I dreamt I was an architect" by The Decemberists. It might be apropos of your recent night-time wanderings.