Bollhusgränd, Swedish streets

Bollhusgränd is an alley in my hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. This is actually a drawing I made a while back but I was reminded of it only yesterday when I borrowed an online audio book and the main character happened to live on that very street. 

Bollhus means "ball-house", as in a place for ball games. The name comes from the early 17th century sports buildings situated approximately where this street is now. It was however also used as a theatre.

But speaking of ball houses, look at these delightful tree houses:


  1. I bet that was a fun street to be living in...everyone is so active.

    I love the treehouses..the only problem with tree houses is that if everyone lived in them we would not see the skies very well but if I lived in the jungle I would surely like to live in a tree house : )

    Happy New Year Nancy!xx

  2. I love the idea of an alley kids can play ball in. I loved the simple designs of the houses and how they are in nature, but living in Canada I know how trees fall over and get hit by lightening. I think I'd be too afraid to live in one myself.

  3. Coming from Stockholm myself I love these alleys in Gamla Stan! I particularly love the colour of the houses. Great drawing! Gott Nytt år Nancy! ~ Sara