Illustration Friday: "Separated"; はなれる hanareru

Fusing the one you want to be and the one you are, can be a bit tricky but when you manage, it really does feel like a great achievement.


  1. Another thought-provoking post with a wonderful image :)

  2. It can be tricky, but yes, it feels good when it happens.

  3. Indeed, tho I doubt I would even recognize such an achievement.

    I am, on paper, much better than I used to be but I don't think I strive to be better any less than I used to.

    It feels unreachable to me.

  4. Nice! A simple sketch, nicely drawn, with a nice message. Well done!

  5. thank you! You know, if it weren't for IF, I wouldn't post these "serious" sketches - I've such an aversion towards anything even remotely pretentious. Oh, I love it in others, but when I do it ... ick. ;)

    Pingk - "Unreachable" is defintely the word. I usually settle for "adecuate satisfaction" och hope for better luck next time. :)