Illustration Friday: "Sink"; しずむ shizumu

She suddenly got the sinking feeling all would not end well.
But is it a giant bee or a tiny girl? Things out of normal proportion are almost always either creepy or fascinating and the line between the two is often a subjective one.


  1. I think you have artist licence on these things... it is an illustration after all. I think it's great! x

  2. It is good and we are left wondering what will happen!

  3. poor litle girl, I think she's tiny like thumbelina...don't wanna think about a giant bee, it's a bit scary :D
    lovely work!

  4. Great expressions on the bee and girl. I can only wonder what inspired this drawing, but love the way you've drawn it, especially the little pennants around the balloon and strings holding it all together. Nice!

  5. Heisann!

    It depends on what point of view we have...
    Nice illustrated ;:OD)
    Merry Christmas!