What I wore today, 28 dec 2011

I don't have the patience to try things on properly, usually I just throw things on top of what I'm wearing and try to measure what's removable padding and what's my actual shape.

Don't let Valentino fool you - he's on a diet!

And Bello found himself another shoe box. Oh alright, I found it and emptied it just for him. ;)


  1. AAaawwww...they both look so much slimmer since I last saw them! På riktigt, de har väl gått ner i vikt?

    Man ser Bellas morrhår vid Bello, betyder det att de är vänner nu? :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That is a small box and he loves it. Your cats look so huggable.

  3. Bello and Valentino...those two can make any one smile! xx

  4. C - så slanka o vackra de är nu, tycker jag nästan synd om dem ;) Bella är inte kompis med ngn men det händer att hon inte biter huvudet av den andre om hon får sällskap i sömnen ...

    Belle - or rather, it's a big cat ... heh

    Mrs - impossible to be too upset even when everything in the house, right? ;)