What I wore today - the return of the bangs

Yes, the issue is again my hair ... I've been letting it grow lately and, being a bit lazy about it, I let go of the bangs as well. But as much as I liked that look, it also meant I had to keep using products to get a bit of a curl in, because straight fringeless hair on me makes me look like a bimbo-bitch. Sure, playing the bad gal may be fun for a while but when she needs makeup every day and a "proper" wardrobe not to look completely, unbearably boring ... nah, not me. I'd rather look my comfortable, versatile usual me any day. Except for those days that I don't.


  1. ha ha... a bimbo bitch? : )

    My friend is always on my case about my care...I don't like to fuss about it and that drives her crazy because she has perfect movie actress hair. Do what pleases you...that is the most beautiful way! : )

  2. I have a 'hair issue' too: I have quite a lot of grey hair, but I don't want to colour it. When I put it up (which I do most days) you can't see it so much, and it doesn't bother me. But it does bother other women for some reason. I like your drawings! ~ Sara

  3. Bimbo bitch - you? no way! I like the drawing :)

  4. heh, bimbo because somehow I have a sort of vacant look about me, bitch because ... well, I don't know really but, fairly or not,I blame my eyebrows; when friends of friends looked through school year books, they always pointed me out as the stuck up one. Looks can be so decieveing. ...I hope. ;)

    Sara - it bothers other women?? I'm sorry but I somehow find that completely hilarious lol, people are so weird