7 things about me: nr. 7 - mid life crises (+daily outfit)

Enjoying the bleak winter sun.

I had my first crisis when I was 12, my second and hopefully last, when I turned 16. 
What's odd though, is that my mood swings now are greater and more frequent than when I was a teenager. I get dips of moodiness every hour it seems, and the most effective trick to combat that is by listening to music. Now, I can't have music on in the background when I work because if a song I don't like or don't feel like listening to at that particular moment comes on, I have to turn it off immediatelly or risk a fit of despair and waste ten minutes calming down by listening to something else really loudly.
But when I need a pick-me-up, I put on something funny like this song about how boring people in love can be, by Anaïs:

a voice like Christophe Willem's:


cute and incredibly catchy G-Dragon:

or hauntingly beautiful Robyn:

And if I need a laugh, there's always a subbed ep of a Korean game show somewhere online - or I google "funny kpop" which is highly recomendable for a laugh!:)

and then I cuddle Bello for a bit:


  1. Loved reading your pick-me-up tricks! Thanks for sharing! :)
    And Bello is a Beauty!

  2. I'm sorry you suffer from these mood swings. It must be extremely difficult. Music has a lot of power to make us feel better and I'm glad it helps. I enjoyed the music- I used to watch Japanese game shows with my sister in Nevada. We don't get them here and I miss the laughs.

  3. Annuk - isn't he just! And so were the kitties you photoed on your blog - the white one looked like she was made of fur! ;D

    Belle - oh well it's not like the swings are huge, just little dips of the blues, perhaps faltering self confidence, perhaps self pity. Only downer is it makes me wanna sleep all day! Japanese game shows are beyond weird sometimes! I enjoy them very much. :p