I found a treasure in my mailbox last night ...

Yes, in my actual mailbox, not my email inbox!
A while back, I participated in a "art forward" event, hosted by Isabelle Cardinal and was so incredibly lucky as to win! And look, just look at the beautiful art pendant she's sent me! To really make this stand out and make everybody notice it, I'm going to wear all black today, nothing must detract from the art! ... sigh ... I know you can't hear me but I'm humming all happy like right now :D


  1. Awesome! Izzy is a very cool person. She sent me an art print and some awesome coasters I keep in my office.

  2. I forgot about the coasters! Yes, they're fab, and since I had such a hard time chosing just one print for the pendant, I'm very happy to have gotten a selection of gorgeous illos with the coasters ;)